Hiatus ♛
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Hiatus ~ I'll be back in June!
Hey Guys! 18,,german and you can call me Lucy! I love fairy tail but i also like:
noragami, nagi no asukara, nisekoi, golden time, shingeki no kyojin, sword art online, kyoukai no kanata, karneval, naruto, one piece, hyouka, hanasaku iroha, free, danganronpa, love lab, tamako market, chuunibyou, kuroko no basket, tonari no kaibutsu-kun, k-on!, magi, suki-tte ii na yo, watamote, sakurasou, toradora, kobato, little busters, conan, zetsuen no tempest, haruhi suzumiya, magi madoka, kimi ni todoke, elfen lied
ENJOY! (*/ω\*) ♥

not spoiler free!

o-of course we will win!

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two characters per episode [2/2]
↳ free: 1.01 - saikai no sutātingu burokku!

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heyimanotaku replied to your post: i have my first final  very impor…

Good luck! I hope it won’t be too difficult >o< I’m sure you’ll do fine anyway ^_^

thank you for your wishes <333

im gonna do it >:D 


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heyimanotaku  thank you cutie ♥  hihi :D  

learntoart replied to your post: i have my first final  very impor…

have faith! i believe that you will do great!

ishidazero replied to your post: i have my first final  very impor…

Just do your best, Lucy. I know you can do it!! ^_^

fairynalutail replied to your post: i have my first final  very impor…

Good Luck to you dear you can do it ^_^

thank you guys all so much awww youre such cuties

ill give my best (^0^)=d and i will tell you whether i did poorly or well on the exam (hopefully well :CCC)

thanks for your support i’ll think of it tomorrow :D <3

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learntoart  thank you guys youre so nice  and this was a rhyme  lmao  

i have my first final  very important exam tomorrow

im so fkcing frightened

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biology i dare you not to be so difficult  *cries*  ugh school  

Preparations for Hearts’ Day! (x)

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Your name, whatever may I happen, I’ll definitely call it”

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Tamako&Dera♥ Mochi is Yummy~ 

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