Status: Online but working on a new FF
anime summer 2014; watching:
Fairy Tail
Ao haru ride
Akame ga kill!
trying to catch up on:
Sword Art Online 2
One Piece
Hunter x Hunter
waiting for:
Anime Fall 2014
Dangan Ronpa S2
Smash Bros. on N3DS
New Pokemon on N3DS
New Detective Conan Film
longing for:
Attack on Titan S2
Noragami S2
Hirunaka no ryuusei animation
dangan ronpa on N3DS/XBOX360
faves (always watching):
Fairy Tail
Detective Conan
Hey Guys! 18|♀|german|called Lucy!
I enjoy creating graphics and from time to time I also like doing colourings. Every like and reblog of my shitty graphics is appreciated ♥

I own several sideblogs which can be found in my FAQ. Concerning my blog; I love fairy tail but i also like:
noragami, nagi no asukara, nisekoi, ao haru ride, glasslip, haikyuu!, golden time, shingeki no kyojin, sword art online, kyoukai no kanata, karneval, naruto, one piece, hyouka, hanasaku iroha, free, danganronpa, love lab, tamako market, chuunibyou, kuroko no basket, tonari no kaibutsu-kun, k-on!, magi, suki-tte ii na yo, watamote, sakurasou, toradora, kobato, little busters, conan, zetsuen no tempest, haruhi suzumiya, magi madoka, kimi ni todoke, elfen lied
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